Barbara Barski-Carrow, Ph.D.

Human Resources Consultant/Educator

Dr. Barski-Carrow, is Principal of Carrow Associates, a consulting firm that focuses on the workplace environment where managers and co-workers can return to work after a traumatic life experience with a better understanding of how to relate.  She has extensive experience in work place relationships including academic, business and 30 years in the federal government.  More…



The long-awaited book that Managers and Employees will embrace.

When Trauma Survivors Return To Work

Understanding Emotional Recovery:

A Handbook For Managers and Co-Workers

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Why should you, as a busy manager or employee, take time to read this book?

Simply stated because you need it.  As any one of us can attest, life is filled with challenges, some of them catastrophic.  And when these challenges arrive on the doorstep of those with whom we work -as they will- we will benefit immensely from the practical, engaging and insightful perspective imparted in the pages of this book.

Robert A. Neimeyer, Ph.D, Author            Lessons of Loss: A Guide to Greiving